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Get total for account, for period

I'm using the API to pull data form e-conomic into an Excel sheet.
One row for each account number, one column for each month.
I currently use the ".GetEntriesByDate" function to get all entries for a date, the iterate these in order to get the total for the period.

This however can take quite a bit of time to get through, more that half an hour getting a full years data.

My question is this: Is there an other function I can use, to get the total for a given account number, for a given time period?

- So that I can avoid iterating all entries for the period, and hopefully save time.
created Feb 26, 2014 by Cstahnke
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AccountUtil.GetEntryTotalsByDate should be helpful here:


You supply an array of accounts, plus a date interval - and it'll return entry totals for that date interval for the specified accounts.

This method is VERY fast - plus, it'll reduce your number of round-trips to as many as the number of periods you need.


answered Mar 2, 2014 by Christian Estrup
Could you please supply an example of this?
I keep getting errors.
Have done this:
 Dim MyEconomicAccountutilInterface As Economic.Api.IAccountUtil
 Dim accounts() = MyEconomicSession.Account.GetAll()
 Dim AllePeriodebalancer = MyEconomicAccountutilInterface.GetEntryTotalsByDate(accounts, StartDate, SlutDate)
What error - perhaps even stack trace - are you getting?
I was doing it all wrong, and have it figured out now.
The correct call is:
Dim accounts() = MyEconomicSession.Account.GetAll()   
Dim AllePeriodebalancer = MyEconomicSession.Account.GetEntryTotalsByDate(Accounts, StartDate, SlutDate)
OK - glad you were able to get it to work :-)
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