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Java: Cannot login as ordinary user


I am a bit confused about users/administrators/superusers on e-conomic.

I have created a user account on my developer account, and I'm trying to login as the ordinary user.
However I keep getting the error: Economic.Api.Exceptions.AuthorizationException(E02000): Access denied. NoApiAccess

I can change the user settings to allow API-login, which sort of solves the problem. I am now able to login, but it seems I have become an administrator-ish user.
Instead of being able to e.g. register time usage on a project, I can access all employees and change their registrations/data.

When using my non-developer account online (http) this is not the case, I can (obviously) only change my own data.
So I tried changing login credential to my ordinary non-developer account, but here I also get the same NoApiAccess error.

How do I connect as an ordinary user so I can only change my own data?

Btw. I am using the connect() Method, not the connectAsAdministrator() seeing as I'm (ordinarily) not an administrator.

David Larsen.
created Feb 26, 2014 by DLakji
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