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Get information about matched entries



We need the possibility to read out information about all matched entries through the API. Currently, the only related feature I know about is to get the "Remainder" on an invoice. There is no way we can easily detect when this remainder is changed or which entries were matched against it.

Could you please expose a method to get all new matches since last previously known match?

For each such match, we would need to get some general data (debtor, date, currency etc.) and some more detailed information on each entry involved in the matching: something to identify the entry (payment, invoice, credit note etc.) in addition to "new remainder" and "assigned value".

We would of course also need to be informed about all "unmatched" entries as well.

Based on this information, we can synchronize the information we need about remainders on invoices.

I'm happy to discuss this on phone if necessary (Norwegian/Danish or English).


Best regards
Terje Kristiansen
Faktum Software

created Feb 26, 2014 by tkristiansen
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