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Get next voucher number

There isn't any possible way to get the next available voucher number through the API is there?

I've searched the forum and found i few others posting regarding this problem - but no answer from e-conomic at all regarding the issue.

I'm writing a tool to do some bookings automatically for me - but most of the point is vanished if I still need to log onto the webpage to manually find out which is the next voucher number.

So, have I managed to miss the information regarding this and if not - is there any plans on add this functionality to the API?
created May 9, 2012 by skarlman
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I'm assuming you mean 'in the context of a specific cash book'?

One way is to create the first entry in your batch using a simple CashBookEntry.Create(). You can then pick up the voucher number from that, and then assign to all your entries as appropriate.

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answered May 10, 2012 by Christian Estrup
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