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Australian Tax Support


Is e-conomic support Goods  Services Tax (GST) calculation for Australia?

Thank you.
created Jul 6, 2012 by clickerx
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1 Answer

Hi Pubudu,

If you mean calculating taxes for a company - an e-conomic user - operating out of Australia, then unfortunately, e-conomic isn't currently officially localized for the Australian market.

You are, however, welcome to contact our UK support at info@e-conomic.co.uk - I suspect Australian and UK rules may not be that far apart, so perhaps you can get by with an account running under UK functionality.

If, on the other hand, you mean calculating taxes for selling to, or buying from, Australia by a company based in one of the countries officially supported by e-conomic - then please contact your local e-conomic support for information on this.

Generally speaking, our API forum is only for purely technical questions, rather than general e-conomic functionality questions - for the latter, your local, friendly e-conomic support will be much better at helping you

Best regards,
answered Jul 9, 2012 by Christian Estrup
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