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Country being a free text field is making it error prone

When accessing a debitori via the API it would be easier to have country return an ISO code. What is the reasoning behind making it a text field and not a dropdown?
created May 6, 2014 by 1px
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Hi 1px,

Quite frankly, I don't recall why we made it so 'free' when e-conomic was originally conceived some 14 years ago. And trust me, there's been a couple of situations where we ourselves wished we'd done it differently, so as to make sure it'd always contain a valid country.

Having said that, it's obviously somewhat of a challenge changing it now - not so much because users have put all sorts of translations and spellings of country names in there, but mainly because quite a few have used the field for non-country information which we couldn't very well 'convert' into a fixed-options value :-(

answered May 10, 2014 by Christian Estrup
selected May 10, 2014 by 1px
Looking forward, have you considered (UI-wise) adding some sort of autocomplete functionality to the existing country field, thus simply suggesting consistent country names (or ISO identifiers), but keeping it a text field? This could add value, at least from now on, making data more consistent - it's better than nothing.

(Could it be a symptom of users wanting a general 'note' field easily accessible when editing debtor details?)


It's kind of the same pain with the telephone/fax mixed field, keeping the integration with services like firmafon.dk from being truly awesome.
(If only we could use the debtor number field then, but it lacks just enough length to allow international prefixed phone numbers to be used.)

I respect being 14 years in production and it's prioritizing all around, but can't we look into some of these challenges.
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