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[PHP] Product_GetCostPrice and question regarding documentation for PHP


How is Product_GetCostPrice() used/called in PHP?

Can get Product_FindByNumber() to work (I think) with:

$p = $client->Product_FindByNumber(array('number'=>102));

but Product_GetCostPrice() fails no matter what? How is this function called exactly?

Also, really frustrating that there seems not to exists ANY documentation for PHP ?! Or am I missing something?



created May 14, 2014 by johndoe650
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1 Answer



You can use the function Product_GetCostPrice() in following way, it works perfect.

$r = $client->Product_GetCostPrice( array('productHandle' => array('Number'=>'102')))->Product_GetCostPriceResult;

And yes, there does not exists any detailed documentation but still following link may help.


answered Sep 18, 2014 by Wisdmlabs
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