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send invoice to half payment at once and half later

Hii All , Plz help me to solve this

Let we have an Invoice associated with debtors ...

now i want to sent  invoice to debtors having half payment

and another invoice having remaining amount to paid.
created May 16, 2014 by hemant
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Hi hemant,

If you wish to split the invoice in two, you just have to create two invoices :-)

Also, if what you're really looking for is splitting the payment due into two different due dates, you cannot do that directly - instead, you have to split the invoice in two (in other words: Issue two separate invoices, having separate payment terms).

Finally, if what you're looking for is 'just' splitting the eventual payment in two, you can create a single invoice - and then subsequently create multiple payments targeting the same invoice.


Best regards,
answered May 19, 2014 by Christian Estrup
Hii Christian
 well thanks for your reply ....
would you more explain how can create multiple payments targeting the same invoice ......
plus if you can explain these through example or E-conomic Api  is more
helpful for me .

i have to achieve this through using E-conomic Api :)

You can create a debtor payment using CreateDebtorPayment: http://e-conomic.github.io/eco-api-sdk-ref-docs/Documentation/M_Economic_Api_ICashBookEntryUtil_CreateDebtorPayment.html

If you set the correct DebtorInvoiceNumber on the resulting CashBookEntry, the payment will automatically be matched against that invoice once the payment is booked.

This way, you can split the payment into as many 'parts' as you like!

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