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Map e-conomics countries to my countries?


When we retrieve a list of invoices in the e-conomic system, they have a delivery country. This country is a string. 

Somehow, we need to map this list of countries to our own countries, in our database. This is because our app uses the delivery country to calculate some logic.

This is obviously a problem because there might be spelling differences between your country database and ours..

My question is therefore:

  • Do you have a list of e-conomic countries? And how they are spelled?
  • Do you offer a way to get your countries depending on ISO codes or similar?
  • How have other people solved this issue?
created May 18, 2014 by LetterAmazer
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The delivery country - as well as the invoice country - is exposed as a string, because the user is free to type anything she likes.

As such, the options aren't really fixed.

I suppose your best bet would be to map it to a list of country-to-ISO code mappings, including various different spellings.


answered May 19, 2014 by Christian Estrup
selected May 30, 2014 by LetterAmazer
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