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Product_FindByNumber not finding products with alphanumeric id's.

I've been setting up a netshop and I'm using magentomoduler.dk's integration module.

I'm having problems with registering productlines for products that are already created. The problem is with Product_FindByNumber which can't find products with ID's like "HRS_XS_win". Registration goes well, but finding them the next time seems not to work.

Products with ID's like "1002" seems fine, so are there some issues with alphanumeric characters in product ID?

Since it can be registered with alphanumeric characters, it should be able to find it too with Product_FindByNumber, or am I wrong?

Any thoughts?


Best regards,

created May 19, 2014 by goev
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Hi Geir,

Product_FindByNumber does return products with alphanumeric identification. We have a unittests that conclude that. Are you sure that your id's dot no contain hidden characters?

answered May 20, 2014 by mortenanders
selected May 21, 2014 by Christian Estrup
I found that most of the ID's had a space character as first character. This was causing the problems.
Somewhere on number used by Product_FindByNumber is probably trimmed for spaces, I would guess.
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