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Reports - export from e-conomic to external system

I need to create a custom button in the e-conomic web-gui.

The user is currently able to export a report to Excel or print it.
I would like to create a button with a window that pops up with a folderstructure retrived from an external datasource.
When the user selects a folder in the window, the report should be uploaded or sent in some way to an URL.

Is this possible to modify the gui (eg. custom javascripts), or does the API only support raw data integration?
created Jun 4, 2014 by Tma
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The API only supports exchange of data and programmatically invoking e-conomic business logic from other systems.

The only possibility of adding links to external functionality is that of adding a custom tab in e-conomic. Such a tab can then show a UI from an external source - which may, in turn, show e.g. custom reports as generated by said external source.


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answered Jun 5, 2014 by Christian Estrup
selected Jun 5, 2014 by Tma
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