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Automatic numbering of debitor (customer)

I would like to reset the starting number of debitor while creating it using API. Is there any possibiltiy to reset this using API. Could you please help on this?
created Jun 10, 2014 by brmadder
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You can call Debtor.Create() with NULL as number - that will automatically set it to the next available number, thus saving you a round trip for GetNextAvailableNumber().

However, by definition, the 'next available number' will always be the highest used number +1 - both in the UI and the API. There is no concept of 'resetting' this - except, of course, by re-numbering all debtors whose number you may have given 'too high' numbers, thus ultimately reducing the 'next available number'.

(Re-numbering debtors is only available in the UI - and must be enabled via Settings -> Change of numbers).


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answered Jun 13, 2014 by Christian Estrup
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