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ConnectAsAdministrator documentation

I got a developer agreement with only one superuser.
So to be able to connect I guess I have to use the ConnectAsAdministrator method.
Looing at the documentation at:
The paremters are described like so:
"Parameters: agreementNumber: The agreement number for the subscription. userName: The user name of the subscription. password: The password for the user name."
First - Is agreementNumber adminAgreementNo?
Second - The actual method takes a fourth parameter called "clientAgreementNo" which is not described at all. What do I provide as clientAgreementNo?
Could you please update the documentation or explain where I obtain the values I should use as parameters?
I've already looked at this: http://apiforum.e-conomic.com/1221/connectasadministrator but it doesn't answer my question.
Another issue in regards to this forum: The forum message textbox is not working very well in IE11. Paste doesn't work for instance.
created Jun 12, 2014 by sje
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Administrators are typically accountants. These have separate agreement numbers and user accounts, and may then work on different clients - each with their own company/client agreement number - at different times.

For the purpose of logging in, a superuser account in a company is just like any other user account. Consequently, you should just be using the normal Connect() method.


Best regards,
answered Jun 13, 2014 by Christian Estrup
selected Jun 13, 2014 by sje
Ok thanks.

The reason I had the impression that I needed to use ConnectAsAdministrator instead of Connect was that, when using Connect, I get an AuthorizationException(E02500) whenever I invoke other methods like Debtor_GetAll or Product_GetAll.
I'm using the wsdl.exe generated proxy as described in the documentation, and I'm instantiating the EconomicWebService client with a cookie container as described. Also - I can confirm via fiddler that the token is being sent on subsequent requests (as a cookie).

I'll create a new forum thread to clarify this question.

Sorry, I was using ConnectWithToken instead of Connect.
When using Connect I'm able to invoke other methods.
I still don't understand the different Connect* methods though. "Connects to the server." is the only thing explained in the documentation. Could you please elaborate on this, or can I find more detailed explanations elsewhere?


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