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Get InvoiceLines on by invoice number how to?



Im trying to get all InvoiceLines of a specific invoice.


I can get all line by using Invoice.GetAll(); But how to get only a specific invoice?
created Jun 13, 2014 by LasseBang
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1 Answer

var objInvoice = session.Invoice.FindByNumber(someNumber);
var lines = objInvoice.GetLines();


Best regards,
answered Jun 14, 2014 by Christian Estrup

Im using SDK, can you make me an example?
A tad more explicitly:

int invoiceNumberToSearchFor = 227;
IInvoice objInvoice = session.Invoice.FindByNumber(invoiceNumberToSearchFor);

IInvoiceLine[] lines = objInvoice.GetLines();

// lines now holds an array of the lines of the invoice.

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