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invoice - order - freetext

We are sending data from our Simply platform to e-conomic in order to create invoice-draft.

Works fine with product ID and price.

But how can we send a freetext that overwrites the default product name into the invoice order row?

Most often clients changes the default product text when dealing with services.
created Jun 27, 2014 by daka
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1 Answer

Hi Daka, 
It seems that the answer to this post gives the answer to your question as well:
It sounds like you're setting the line's product reference only, and thus not explicitly setting the line's Description property.
Typically, you'll want to set line.Description = product.Name
E.g. you should be able to override it using the line.Description = "Your Text"
Best Regards,
answered Jul 15, 2014 by bro_delacourfs
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