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Customer Discount Information using e-conomic API.


I am a .net developer, I need to synchronize debtors data from e-conomic using .NET assembly(Economic.Api.dll).

I am unable to find the discount information using the API. On the front end, this discount field is present in the "Additional Tab" of customer.

Is there any way to get the discount field of a debtor?

Thankyou in advance.

Muhammad Abdullah
created Jul 1, 2014 by linkabdullah
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1 Answer


I believe you should be able to get this by requesting the TermOfPaymentData based on the TermOfPaymentHandle on the Debtor object.

The TermOfPaymentData object has the two properties 

        private System.Nullable<decimal> DistributionInPercentField;

        private System.Nullable<decimal> DistributionInPercent2Field;

which could be what you are looking for :-)

# Bo

answered Jul 15, 2014 by bro_delacourfs
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