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Get Totalintervals Issue


Hi all,

I've come across an account which has a range of TotalIntervals / SumIntervals under the 'Chart of accounts' on e-conomic.  When I use the API to query Account_GetSumIntervals for this account, it doesn't return the expected result of '831..850;871..882'



As you can see from the API response, it only provides a sum of 831 and 871, and not the range of 831 to 850 and 871 to 882.


Does anyone know how I can get this range of accounts?



created Jul 1, 2014 by olimortimer
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After speaking with support, you have to send through the SumIntervalHandles that you receive back from Account_GetSumIntervals, to SumInterval_GetDataArray, which should then provide the range.


However, note that Bookkeeping and Sales permissions are sufficient to get the basic SumInterval info from Account_GetSumIntervals, but you require Superuser permission to get the range from SumInterval_GetDataArray.


answered Aug 20, 2014 by olimortimer
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