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How to get all unbooked invoices in Oio Xml format


I want to get all the booked and unbooked invoices in Oio Xml format.

I am getting booked invices by using below method.

var objBookedInvoiceHandle = session.Invoice_GetAll();

var invoices1 = session.Invoice_GetOioXml(objBookedInvoiceHandle[0]);

But i can't find out method to get all un-booked invoices in Oio Xml format. 

Please let me know how i can get same XML format like booked invoices.

created Aug 1, 2014 by dapa
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1 Answer

Hi Darshan,

That is not possible. The purpose of OIO XML is to establish a standard for exchanging documents, in this case, invoices, between companies and usually the goverment. In the case of an invoice, it would never make sense to send a draft to another party. Therefore such a method does not exist on the current invoice entity.

answered Aug 1, 2014 by mortenanders
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