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change in XML pulled from economic



I am getting XML invoice from economic account.

I am getting

<com:ID schemeID="e-conomic.com/regdeb">Test Customer/deb/1025</com:ID>

I want CVR or EAN insted of 'e-conomic.com/regdeb' and CVR No or EAN No insted of 'Test Customer/deb/1025' 

this 1025 is Customer no..

How i can get result in following 

<com:ID schemeID="CVR">12312312</com:ID>


created Aug 7, 2014 by dapa
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Hi Darshan

We have a planned update for tomorrow (Feb 25th 2015) that should include the following:

If Debtor has CVR (CI number) set in e-conomic it will be output in the OIOXML exactly the way you describe
answered Feb 24, 2015 by olej
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