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How to identify an invoice after it has been booked?


When I create a current_invoice it gets a nice ID - I can use this ID to find the current_invoice again.

However, when I book the current_invoice, that ID is lost forever and replaced with the invoice number. So when someone uses economic and books the current_invoice, I have no way of finding the invoice again.

Looking at your API, do you really purpose using the OtherReference attribute to store this information? With that attribute I can create a uid and find it again on the CurrentInvoice_FindByOtherReference

If you've got a better solution, please get back to me

created Aug 8, 2014 by krx
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Yes, the recommended way of tracking an invoice all the way through is via storing a unique ID in OtherReference.

As you mention, CurrentInvoice_FindByOtherReference is available, as is Invoice_FindByOtherReference.


answered Aug 8, 2014 by Christian Estrup
selected Aug 8, 2014 by krx
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