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How to find booked entries?

Hi guys,

Our solution books invoices in two ways in E-con:

1) Regular 'account to account' transaction:

In this case we post into a 'journal entry' day book, using 'CashBookEntry_CreateFromDataArray (..., Type = FinanceVoucher,...)'

2) Expense invoice that should be paid to a vendor (Supplier invoice with gl account lines):

In this case we post into a 'supplier invoice' day book, using 'CashBookEntry_CreateFromDataArray (..., Type = CreditorInvoice,...)'.

The question is:

1) How to find booked entries when invoice is posted through a 'journal entry' day book?

2) Is it possible to find booked entries using 'Creditor_GetEntriesByInvoiceNo' when invoice is posted through a 'supplier invoice' day book?
created Aug 8, 2014 by Dmitriy Sozinov
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1 Answer


1. When booked, CashBookEntry's become Entry's. These can then be retrieved via either the Account or Entry interfaces.

2. It is indeed - at least as far as the supplier-part of the entries go, since the result of this is a CreditorEntry. Which, in turn, is effectively a 'mirror' of the supplier side of the full transaction. The corresponding GL entry will have gone to a supplier control account, the cost entry/entries will obviously have gone to cost accounts, and any VAT part to the GL accounts linked from the VatAccount's.


answered Aug 8, 2014 by Christian Estrup
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