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40 second delay when instantiating EconomicWebService

I am experiencing a 40 second delay when instantiating the EconomicWebService object like this:

 var client = new EconomicWebService { CookieContainer = new CookieContainer() };

I have created a proxy via the wsdl and compiled it into a dll, which I am referencing (as mentioned in http://e-conomic.github.io/eco-api-sdk-ref-docs/)

Other than that, everything works fine, and I am able to connect and create customers without any problems.

Did I miss something obvious?
created Aug 26, 2014 by mbie
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2 Answers


I actually found a way to handle it

Set the Generate serialization assembly to On instead of the default Auto



answered Oct 7, 2015 by janhjordie
edited Oct 7, 2015 by janhjordie
Typically when this pops up it is due to the wsdl being downloaded on each connect.

By caching the wsdl in your solution you won't have to wait for the several MB large wsdl to load each time.
answered Oct 7, 2015 by olej
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