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How do I find all unpaid invoices for a given debtor?

I am trying to figure out how to get all unpaid invoices for a given debtor through the API, but with no luck so far.

Do anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks, in advance :)



I just stumbled upon the Debtor_GetInvoices call, which I can use to get all the invoices. Is there a way to filter these invoices to only get the unpaid ones?



I ended up first doing a Debtor_GetOpenEntries and getting the data for each entry with DebtorEntry_GetData, which allowed me to filter on "Type = DebtorInvoice".
created Sep 3, 2014 by patrickaltapay
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Debtor_GetOpenEntries will get you all entries (invoices, credit notes, payments and refunds) that aren't fully matched against other entries.

Alternatively, after retrieving the invoices, you can filter by their Remainder (= Unmatched amount).


answered Sep 3, 2014 by Christian Estrup
selected Sep 4, 2014 by patrickaltapay
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