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Creating Product Category


Hi, I am trying to create Product Category using SOAP API functions.

I am using ProductGroup_CreateFromData() function as follows :

$product_cat = $client->ProductGroup_CreateFromData(array('data' => array(
      'Number' => $new_productgroup_id+1,
      'Name' => $category,
      'AccountForVatLiableDebtorInvoicesCurrentHandle' => array('Number' => 4000),
$created_id = $product_cat->ProductGroup_CreateFromDataResult->Number;
Here, for the field AccountForVatLiableDebtorInvoicesCurrentHandle, I have used value 4000 ( a dummy value). But I dont know what this field mean and how is affect the system? How to decide what is the correct value for that field. 
created Sep 12, 2014 by Wisdmlabs
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