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API method to resolve ServerExceptions (internal error)


due to performance issues, when sending lots of debtor, creditor or cashbook entries (10.000+) to e-conomic, I changed the code to use CreateFromDataArray() and UpdateFromDataArray() instead of using CreateFromData() or UpdateFromData(), following your own recommendations. Now I experience, when the batch cannot be created / updated at the e-conomic system a ServerException is raised with an internal error GUID, leaving me with the problem about not knowing, which position of my batch failed and what the problem really is.

It would be very nice, when eg. updating debtors, the exception would contain an array of faulty debtor data, giving me a chance to figure out, what the problem is, or at least, having an API call, to get more information from the e-conomic system about the GUID from the exception.

Right now, all I can do is sending the GUID to your support, which, sorry being so honest, is too slow on answering to our problems.  

Help would be very appreciated....

Kind regards
created Sep 25, 2014 by KVerwold
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