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Booking integration

Working on a rather advanced bookingsystem for holiday houses. The booking-system itself will administer all contact to clients, but every transaction taking place within the bookingsystem will have to create one or several posts within e-conomics.
Our customer will supply the complete list of what action in the booking-system should result in creation of which posts in e-conomic.
In your experience, do we face any limitation as to what is possible here?

Thanx in advance.
created Oct 7, 2014 by Renejustesen
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1 Answer

Hi Rene,

Basically, you need to clarify to what extend you will use e-conomic. Do you plan to use or sales module on top of accounting, ie. create invoices, invoice lines and so on. Or i it "just" to make sure that the accounting is correct. From how I read you proposal, we are talking about the latter and from that perspective I would think that's very unlikely that you would face any obstacles with e-conomic.

answered Oct 15, 2014 by mortenanders
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