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The product name does not show under the current invoice line?


Dear Supporter, almost the API integration are ok with our application, except the product name does not show under the current invoice line, in the API documentation, i read and tried with two way to create the current invoice line as below:

(1) I used the "CurrentInvoiceLine_Create" function to create the invoice line first, and then use "CurrentInvoiceLine_SetProduct" to set the product (the product was created before).

Result: The "Product no." show good and exactly with the product i want. But the "Product name" does not show?


(2) I used the "CurrentInvoiceLine_CreateFromData" function to create the invoice line with full data as the documentation, but somehow it still does not show the "Product name".


Result: still the same with first way.


We do not have any funciton to set the "Product name" for current invoice line, we just can use the product handle with an object content product id, so i mean i can not do more thing to get better result.


We are very appreciate and waiting for your help, please send an email to me and if can, i'm ready to chat with you by skype (id: speedlife1512)


Thanks so much and best regards,

Jonash (SlopeTracker AS company)

created Oct 22, 2014 by jonash
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Hi Jonash,


The current invoice line does not have a "Product name" field - but it does have a Description field.

The UI automatically SUGGESTS the product name for that - but you are free to override it.

Using the API, you need to set it explicitly - something like:

objCurrentInvoiceLine.Description = objProduct.Name


Similar for prices, units, etc..



answered Oct 23, 2014 by Christian Estrup
selected Oct 23, 2014 by jonash
Hi Christian Estrup,
Your answer has resolved my problem, it works pretty well now, thanks so much for your help.

Best regards,
Visma e-conomic A/S