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Error while posting new draft invoice REST API




{"message":"We have experienced an internal server error. The error has been logged.","errorCode":"E00000","developerHint":"If you continue to see errors here, please contact api@e-conomic.com. Remember to include error id and agreement number when contacting support.","logId":"5329b1d8-55b0-4a2b-a3a2-73d7e0833be9","httpStatusCode":500}

created Nov 17, 2014 by anonymous

1 Answer

Hi Asci,

Could you give us an example of your request body?

Alternatively you can send us a message on api@e-conomic.com. Then we will take a look at what is going wrong.


Rasmus Beck
answered Nov 29, 2014 by rbb
Visma e-conomic A/S