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An internal error has occurred. (id=6660f82c-4f89-4fc1-8db3-8c370f0ee10d)

Hi, i am getting following error.

Economic.Api.Exceptions.ServerException(E00000): An internal error has occurred. (id=6660f82c-4f89-4fc1-8db3-8c370f0ee10d)

Is there any meaning for (id=6660f82c-4f89-4fc1-8db3-8c370f0ee10d) what it is for?

What this error says??
created Dec 8, 2014 by dapa
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1 Answer

From my experience, either there is a server error at E-Conomic, which happens very rarely now a days, or you hve an error in some of the parameters you have supplied to the API Call.


Can you paste the call you've made here ?
answered Dec 10, 2014 by Mads N. Vestergaard
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