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CurrentInvoiceData - Get the Invoice Number


I've might have missed something, however i can't seem to get the number of a newly created invoice.  

I'm doing integration on a system, i'd like to be able to display the Invoicenumber to enable users to search the invoice.

The CurrentInvoiceData object has an ID field, however this is not equivalent to the invoicenumber.  Please thoughs on this is highly appreciated.
created Dec 12, 2014 by DennisUnicanet
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Hi Dennis,

The invoice does not get a valid Invoice number until it is booked using the CurrentInvoice_Book method which returns the Invoice object. This object has the InvoiceHandle property which I believe is the number you are looking for.

If you need to find the invoice before it is booked, use the InvoiceHandle property from the CurrentInvoice, it will most likely allow you to find the not-yet-booked invoice, but it will not be a valid invoice number you can use later on after it has been booked.

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answered Dec 16, 2014 by bro_delacourfs
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