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How to know if a Invoice is of the type Subscription / Membership?

Hi E-conomic

How can I retrieve info so I know if the current invoice came from a subscription / membership run ("abonnements kørsel") or not?

I need to do something special with the current subscription-invoices before I book them (via an external system that we have).

When I print out the current invoice object I do not see any info indicating it it can from a membership run or not. I can program our system to start investigating the attached articles but isn't there a smarter way?
created Dec 17, 2014 by Jens Kirk
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1 Answer

Hi Jens It is not possible to see this information via API. What is the reason for this? Which workflow requires this info? Perhaps there is another way of attacking this.
answered Jan 7, 2015 by olej
I need to put special payment info into text field 2 (in the bottom of the invoice) but only for (current) subscription invoices.

I can program the system to analyze the attached articles (items) but it would be so much better if the was a more simple solution?
Would it work for you to use specific payment terms for subscriptions and then use this parameter to identify them?
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