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PHP example gives Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$DebtorData


Im trying to pull some data from my E-conomic demo account via the provided PHP example:

However i just get this: LN 130: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$DebtorData

LN 162: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()


Tried som other examples i found on the net with same result.
What am i doing wrong?

created Dec 20, 2014 by nobrainerweb
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Ok I'm now able to get data from the API, for some reason the demo is not working when there is only one Debtor.

Added another and now data is returned correctly. (Guess it has to do with the formatting of the $debtorHandles array.
answered Dec 27, 2014 by nobrainerweb
selected Jan 5, 2015 by olej
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