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icashBookEntryData.DebtorInvoiceNumber not working

Using C#
In my project I have the code shown below. Everything is working as supposed. Except from the second last line. The setting of DebtorInvoiceNumber is not reflected.
That is, in my cashbook in economic (when I log in on e-conomic.dk) the data all shows up. Except, the DebtorInvoiceNumber isn't filled in. Everything else is. 
icashBookEntryData = EConomicSessionClass.m_eConomicSession.CashBookEntryData.GetData(icashBookEntry);
icashBookEntryData.Debtor = DebitorHandle;
icashBookEntryData.Account = AccountHandle;
icashBookEntryData.VatAccount = VatAccountHandle;
icashBookEntryData.Amount = Amount;
icashBookEntryData.AmountDefaultCurrency = Amount;
icashBookEntryData.VoucherNumber = VoucherNumber;
icashBookEntryData.Date = Date;
icashBookEntryData.Text = Text;
icashBookEntryData.ContraAccount = CounterAccountHandle;
icashBookEntryData.ContraVatAccount = ContraVatAccountHandle;
icashBookEntryData.DebtorInvoiceNumber = 1;                        <-------- This line seems to have no effect
If I set the debtor invoice number from within e-conomic.dk it works, and it also shows in my application. So seems that I can "get" the value from the API but cannot "set" it.
Please help.
created Dec 22, 2014 by jsaxelsen
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Hi Jesper

What kind of Cashbook Entry are you trying to create?

Please make sure to specify cashbook entry type to correctly create your cashbook entry.

<Type>DebtorPayment or CreditorInvoice or CreditorPayment or FinanceVoucher or ManualDebtorInvoice</Type>



answered Jan 7, 2015 by olej
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