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create a customer using rest api


Dear economic team i am working on rest api but i only get the information from the rest api but how i push information on economic such as

  1. create customer
  2. create invoices

I check rest api document but i only pull the information, please provide method for pushing data on economic.


created Jan 21, 2015 by nee
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1 Answer

To create elements you POST to the endpoints.

E.g. post to /invoices/drafts and /customers

Have a look at a GET on individual customers and drafts.


Please note that as of this writing the customers endpoint state is experimental and the invoices is deprecated.

With regards to stable versions of Invoices and Customers we expect to release these in Q1 this year.

And you can always follow along by looking at the documentation at http://restdocs.e-conomic.com
answered Jan 26, 2015 by olej
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