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How to update a CashBookEntry and how to use handles


In our system we have created a number of cashbook entries. These exist as records in our database and CashBookEntry entities in e-conomic.

When a user modifies a cashbook entry in our system, the corresponding CashBookEntry in e-conomic must also be updated. This can be done with CashBookEntry_UpdateFromData.

The problem is that we need to obtain a CashBookEntryHandle.

As far as I can see, we could either:

  1. List all cashbook entries and find the one to be updated by matching the content. Very inefficient indeed.
  2. Save the handle in the database returned when the CashBookEntry was created in e-conomic. But are the handles guarantied to be valid forever?

What is the right strategy?

A short introduction to the concepts of the e-conomic API will be very useful.

created Jan 27, 2015 by MichaelT
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Strategy B is THE way to do it. :-)

Handles are unique and do not change.

answered Jan 27, 2015 by olej
selected Jan 28, 2015 by MichaelT
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