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Update Unit (setUnit)

I want to update the unit number(pcs, pks, etc...) on my quotation line,


            echo "<h1>Enhedens nummer: ".$enhedensnr."</h1>";
            $opdater_linje_enhed = $client->QuotationLine_SetUnit(array('quotationLineHandle'=>$opret_linje, 'valueHandle' => $enhedensnr))->QuotationLine_SetUnitResponse;

Whats wrong with this one ?

I can echo the value via PHP, but i cant update it on e-conomic
created Feb 16, 2015 by ChrisR
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You need to use the Unit Handle and not Unit Number when setting unit.

When you know the Unit Number you can find the handle with Unit_FindByNumber.


answered Feb 18, 2015 by olej
selected Feb 18, 2015 by ChrisR
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