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get access to pdf from rest api?

I call invoices through the rest api, and get my invoice objects returned.

Each invoice contains a link to the invoice-pdf, but i dont know how to access this.

I would like to make a link to the pdf or somehow get hold of the pdf, so i can see it - is that possible somehow?
created Feb 24, 2015 by steffena
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Hi Steffena

As long as your token authentication is in the headers you should have no problem accessing the PDF.

The link is not "shareable" though.

If you wish to make the PDF available to 3rd party you need to first store it on a location where you can share it.
answered Feb 24, 2015 by olej
selected Feb 25, 2015 by steffena
I'm now saving the pdf at my server, via CURL and PHP instead of using javascript.
thanks for helping out :)
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