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Error when updating product with SOAP


Hi, I receive this error when updating product with SOAP api: 

Economic.Api.Exceptions.IntegrityException(E06000): The product '' does not exist.

I'm pretty sure I give the right numbers for the handle and product number, here is the code:


$id = get_the_ID();

        $orderdata = array( 'Handle' => array('Id'=>$id),
            'Number' => $id,
            'ProductGroupHandle'=> array('Number'=>1),
            'Name'=> $product->get_title(),
            'IsAccessible' => true,
            //$result = $client->Product_CreateFromData(array( "data"=>$orderdata ) )->Product_CreateFromData->Id;
            $result = $client->Product_UpdateFromData(array( "data"=>$orderdata ) )->Product_UpdateFromData->Id;
The main thing is that Product_CreateFromData work like a charm, but Product_UpdateFromData give this error, I can't understand why, because both methods use same parameters.
created Mar 5, 2015 by openocean
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The main difference between the two is that Product_UpdateFromData needs the handle of the product you want to update as a parameter. CreateFromData returns a handle.

You should use Product_FindByNumber to get the handle for a product where you don't know the handle but do know the number.

Number can be anything and is synonymous to SKU. Handle is an object with a unique number.
answered Mar 13, 2015 by olej


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