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list_debtors.php cannot access my e-conomic


'All Settings->Subscription->Add on modules->API' is set to 'Yes'. I am testing this  with 'list_debtors.php?agreementNumber=XXXXXX&username=YYY&password=ZZZZ'. No data is returned and it is not  possible to create a new debtor either. Everything works perfectly with my developer edition of e-conomics. Wondering what the problem can be ?   

created Mar 24, 2015 by jpandersen61
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1 Answer

Hi JPAndersen

If it's working fine with your developer agreement the best guess is that you have a typo in either X, Y or Z.

Could you please double and triple check this.

With regards to list_debtors.php I'll have to pass. This is not anything oficially supported but perhaps the community has any input?
answered Mar 24, 2015 by olej
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