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Create order and order lines error


I'm using PHP - SOAP...

When adding order lines I get this error:
Economic.Api.Exceptions.IntegrityException(E06350): A product must be set before the unit net price.

The array looks like this:

[product] => BC-107
[description] => Produktnavn
[price] => 120.00
[qty] => 1

Strangly enought this produt works: 
[product] => AC1-2013 [description] => Produktnavn [price] => 120.00 [qty] => 1

Can I do a error lookup somwhere like this error code E06350?

closed with the note: My mistake. The products was not added to Economic...
created Mar 26, 2015 by Hjemmesidestyrelsen
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closed Mar 26, 2015 by Hjemmesidestyrelsen
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