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Error message: This call is blocked for users of the international ledger.



Since a couple of years now, we developed an integration to create book entries from suppliers invoices for the Danish market.

Our main shared customer is now asking to deploy this integration to other countries (Norway and Sweden first).

We created trial accounts for those two countries to see if we found major differences.

In Norway this is fine.

We have an issue in Sweden. The Accounting module does not display any "Day Books" and we cannot create or edit new ones from the main menu All Settings > Finance as per the "Day Books" sub menu does not exist. 

I thought one was created by default and tried to get the list of CashBooks (CashBook.GetAll) from the API in order to get its name. But when i do that i receive an exception with message:

This call is blocked for users of the international ledger. (id=7b9621f2-588f-4871-95ca-2083b92b09cc)

Can you please tell me what that mean and how to solve this as per when i will call CashBookEntryData.Create we need the CashBook and in our code we used to get it from its name.

Thanks for your help

Best regards


created Apr 16, 2015 by GuCa
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Currently both Spain and Sweden use a ledger system named "International Ledger".

This ledger system is quite different to the CashBook ledger (Standard Journal).

The difference in the two ways of handling the accounting means that API interaction with the agreement has to reflect this.

With International Ledger cashbooks are replaced in entirety by a vouchers and interaction is only exposed via REST: /vouchers

Your solution for Denmark and Norway can use the same SOAP setup but for Sweden you'll need to use REST.

Please see: http://restdocs.e-conomic.com/#vouchers
answered Apr 20, 2015 by olej
Hello olej,

Thanks for your answer.
If I understand you correctly:
- SOAP CashBook solution does not work for "International Ledger"
- REST Vouchers is valid for "International Ledger" only (according to documenation)
Then I conclude that we must create two versions of our integration
- "International Ledger" countries such as Sweden: using REST
- Other countries such as Denmark and Norway: using SOAP

Please tell me if I'm wrong.

I will perform some tests. I've created 2 trial accounts for that:
- 1047775 for Norway
- 1047767 for Sweden
Can you please make them infinite as you did in the past for 466698 and 466864?

Thanks for your help.
I will complete this thread if needed
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