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Currency on invoices through the API

If you have a set currency rate in e-conomic, will the system use the set currency rate for all invoices or will it book with it the currency rate that's been transferred via the API?

If no currency rate has been set in the API at all, what currency rate will be used for the invoice?

Can the currency rate somehow be decided by the currency on the customers ledger card, if you import customer invoices through the API?


There are basically 2 ways to create a current invoice for a customer:

- Create method based on a customer. Using this method the currency is taken from that customer and the rate is from that currency on the date of creation.
-- If you change the currency, rate, or date on this generated current invoice it will not affect the other values. Thus, if you change date or currency the rate will not be updated.

- CreateFromData. In this scenario everything must be provided with the creation. Thus, you have to provide currency, rate, and date specifically and have to ensure yourself that they match.
created Aug 29, 2012 by nkn
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