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[REST API] Bad Request error with supplier-invoices



i'm test the REST API and focus my tests on suppliers invoices.

i tested the sample http://jsfiddle.net/economicapi/140p4h44/ but receive a Bad Request error.

folowing is the error message:

"readyState": 4,
    "responseText": "{\"message\":\"Accounting year does not exist\",\"logId\":\"bc21aadb-8674-4675-ab42-612f4f7b0a35\",\"httpStatusCode\":400,\"logTime\":\"2015-04-22T15:13:29\"}",
    "responseJSON": {
        "message": "Accounting year does not exist",
        "logId": "bc21aadb-8674-4675-ab42-612f4f7b0a35",
        "httpStatusCode": 400,
        "logTime": "2015-04-22T15:13:29"
    "status": 400,
    "statusText": "Bad Request"

Can you please help me on this


created Apr 22, 2015 by GuCa
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1 Answer


Does the accounting year exists in the e-conomic agreement you're connecting to?
answered Apr 23, 2015 by olej
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