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export of Order PDF method gives Delivery Note insted of Order Confirmation document


i had system where orders are created to e-conomic and once order is created, system exports PDF document from Order Handle with the use of Order_GetPdf method.

It has worked for 10000 and more files perfectly. But suddenly for one order i am getting Delivery Note instead of Order Confirmation document.

I am confused is the issue from API?
created May 18, 2015 by dapa
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1 Answer

Hi dapa

If you can share the details publicly please post PDF and the command that you think gives you a Delivery Note.

If you have sensitive data and wish to keep details and data private please contact API support with your issue: api@e-conomic.com

In short there is no method via API to get a Delivery Note so first guess is that it is not API. There's no method for order confirmation either for that matter. Just "Order".
answered May 18, 2015 by olej
Yes you can consider it as order...

i am using following code

  var PDFData = session.Order_GetPdf(orderHandle);
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