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REST API: Create invoice line with department

Setting department on a line in 'invoices-experimental/drafts' doesn't work anymore.
Have tried both department and departmentDistribution with no luck.
When do you expect to release invoice to stable?
created May 19, 2015 by pederb
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Hi Peder

I have just tested departmentalDistribution on the line with success:

    "draftInvoiceNumber": 168,
    "lines": [
            "lineNumber": 1,
            "sortKey": 1,
            "departmentalDistribution": {
                "departmentalDistributionNumber": 1,
                "distributionType": "department",
    "pdf": {
Please let me know if you get it to work or otherwise please share the JSON that makes it fail.
answered May 19, 2015 by olej

I forgot that the change from "department" to "departmentalDistribution" also applies to Products :-/
It works now.
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