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Request for custom fields to enhance external integration

Hi Forum and e-con DevGru

We have a business requirement for using serial/batchnumbers in our orderflow. We are aware that e-con has dropped support for this and are not exposing any data relating to the old functionality.

We have looked into the 3. party app offerings and none of them provide a dynamic and consistent way to do this externally aka maintaining a database with stock-productnumbers and corresponding serials.

The reason is that there is no way to add and manage an unique identifier in IOrderlineData and IInvoiceLineData. The only place where it is possible to store this is in the description field, which is user changable in the normal e-con interface and therfore suboptimal to say the least.

When e-con has a stated policy of limiting the supported standard functionality and officially leaving it up to 3. party developers to expand the standard functionality via Apps, why have you not provided a selection of Customfields for this use?

Is there a chance that a custom field can be added to IOrderlineData and IInvoiceLineData? We can live with just an integer field, but a string would be more flexible. This would allow to do persistent external bookkeeping and dynamically update it via webhooks.

The fancy solution would be to model it as "OtherReference" and make it accessible in the standard user interface.


created Jun 23, 2015 by ZeroMike
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Anyone, anyone?.......Bueller?
answered Jun 26, 2015 by ZeroMike
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