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XML representation of booked invoices using REST


From an earlier question on the forum (http://apiforum.e-conomic.com/19699/how-can-i-get-xml-version-of-invoice-from-invoice-handle) you said that it is possible to get an OIO file, which is XML, for booked invoices using a SOAP call. Is it also possible to request this file using REST?


created Jul 2, 2015 by JeffOP
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Hi Jeff

OIOXML is not currently exposed via REST.
answered Jul 3, 2015 by olej
selected Jul 3, 2015 by JeffOP
Thanks for the answer

But are you planning to support this function using REST? As you write on your homepage about the SOAP API: "We still offer technical support on it, but the long-term goal is to deprecate it and help all partners with the transition to the REST API." It seems a bit useless to implement SOAP API when your are planning to deprecate it :)
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