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TEST API: bug in (product-groups/<no>/sales-accounts

The endpoint doesn't return any data?
created Jul 14, 2015 by Hoyer
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Hi Henrik,

The demo authentication currently doesn't return any sales account data on product groups. The dummy data simply isn't there. I've created a story on our backlog for this.

PS. Consider creating a developer account and test against this. It'll be seeded with more dummy data and you'll be able to input more data yourself.

Sign up here: http://e-conomic.com/developer


answered Jul 15, 2015 by Martin L. Nielsen
I have a developer account, and are not testing against your demodata.
Does your product groups have any sales accounts associated? Reference - http://wiki2.e-conomic.dk/salg/varer-varegrupper
I have created this productgroup:

But the api returs this:
Strange. Very strange. Please drop us an email at api@e-conomic.com with your agreement number, AppId and preferably also your AccessID. Then we'll look into it over the coming days.
Hi Henrik,

Our developer agreements and our demo account doesn't support the VAT model that the REST API is exposing. That's why you've experienced the missing data. Please sign up for at Danish trial agreement w. data and test your integration towards that instead.
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