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RESP API for danish customers?


When trying to acces the Voucher endpoint the following error is returned:

"his endpoint is only available for agreements with an international ledger.Use the cashbook endpoint instead for agreements without an international ledger."

But there are no cashbook endpoint in your api???

created Jul 14, 2015 by Hoyer
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The cashbook endpoints are not yet exposed in our REST API. However, there's plenty of support for this via our SOAP API. Currently, the plan is to look into exposing cashbooks and entries for Standard Journal (e.g. Danish agreements) in early 2016.

Meanwhile, look into the cashbook methods in SOAP:


answered Jul 15, 2015 by Martin L. Nielsen
I was under the impression that your REST API was the preferred and future-proof integration method and the SOAP based was your version 1 API with no future features added.
Pretty much all of our API efforts are directed at maturing and extending the REST API. We will therefore not spend many resources on extending the SOAP API. However, the SOAP is far more feature complete and still supported. For features not covered in REST we therefore refer to the SOAP API. SOAP deprecation is not in scope until REST has moved closer to a feature-complete state. There is no ETA for this.
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