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Offset payment (invoice) for payment debtors - Nets, Teller etc.?

Hi API Support

My task is extend our Webshop E-conomic integration with a feature that offsets the payment from a payment debtor (Nets, Teller, Euroline etc) on the invoices that were paid online via credit cards.

Our bookkeeper showed me how to do it manually via “Indbetalinger” in E-conomic. This is the part that we need to run automatically in the future (when my new feature is up and running).

For example for Nets I need to credit the payment debtor and debit the bank account - one bank day after the money was captured by Nets and sent to our bank account. Of course there are days where the payment is delayed at Nets but let’s not focus on this issue here.

The thing that I do not understand is how to include the invoice in the payment debtor offset and not just “move” the money (crediting / debiting) from a payment debtor to a bank account in e-conomic.

Can anyone point out to me which API operations I need to use in order to offset the payment for the payment debtors (on it's invoices)?

I will try with the API operation: CashBookEntry_CreateDebtorPayment
created May 16, 2013 by Jens Kirk
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edited May 17, 2013 by Jens Kirk
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1 Answer

I think that Bookkeeping-wise - the correct approach will be to make a CashBookEntry_CreateDebtorPayment() on the date the amount is captured - but not use the bank account to credit against, but instead use an account made especially for holding the amount until actually recived in the bank.

When the money arrives on the bankstatement - you will then nullify the amount on the "Tilgodehavende Nets" account :-)

This way the Debtor will actually see on their account statement, that they paid the invoice on the date that the actally paid with their credit-card. A bustomer would expect this to be true. And the Bank-Account balance will be correct every day.
answered Jun 11, 2013 by suve123
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